Dear friend,


I can say to you in all honesty that an utterly simple and sincere way to Clarity and Enlightenment has been revealed to me. It is a way that shows you the very essence. The core of what is needed to come to the absolute non-dual Truth and true Peace.  

It wasn’t easy. I searched for many years. I had talks with spiritual teachers, and I read all the books out there. Day after day, I was doing meditation and deep contemplation. Even though I immersed myself in spiritual teachings, it wasn’t clear to me what it was that was really needed to come to Liberation. Actually, I had no clue what I was doing anymore, and I didn’t know which way to go. Should I read traditional scriptures, go to Rishikesh or just stop seeking? I really didn’t know what to do.

I came to a point of complete hopelessness.

Until one day when the very thing was revealed to me that most of humanity is unaware of. Somehow, it became crystal clear that it is all about being fully aware of two utterly simple pointers. It is that which is fundamentally real and that which is totally false that you need to be aware of. Seeing these two simple pointers is all that is needed for liberation.

I can promise you if you see the two main pointers with total clarity, all ego identification will be history. All your suffering will end. That deep feeling of incompleteness and never being good enough will end. All the stress of competing will disappear. The urge to become like a great buddha, rich and famous or to be as any other ideal will end. You will be as you truly are, without any urge of egoic striving. The urge you once had to rigidly control a life that has its own natural way is completely dissolved. Because of that, there will be a deep inner stillness, an inner peace that is unconditional 

I am not talking about some theory; I experienced it myself. And I need to share it with every spiritual seeker.

So in my free eBook I will reveal to you:

  • The Absolute non-dual Truth as your living reality, beyond every doubt. 

  • True Inner Peace and Sweet Relaxation as your very nature. 

  • How to completely dissolve all ego Identification.

  • Absolute freedom from suffering, fear and feelings of incompleteness.