Greetings, its Kensho here.

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.

If you would ask me who Kensho is, I would say I am just an ordinary, simple man from Amsterdam not very well educated or knowledgeable. I love my children dearly; I enjoy good food, good music and having a great time with family and friends.

Some might say that my childhood wasn’t a fairy tale at all. Growing up in a single parent household, being shy and an introvert, struggling at school, being a high school dropout and having a mother who had a drug addiction. That is one side of the story. The other side is that my mother and my grandmother gave me all the love and freedom in the world to be completely and absolutely myself.

Due to that freedom, I was able to explore the things I felt passionate about. One of those things was spirituality. At a very early age, I became fascinated and curious with spiritual teachings and meditation. In the beginning, it was just pure curiosity, but within a few years my curiosity slowly grew into a yearning for spiritual enlightenment. Or even better said, it was more an obsession with Enlightenment. Every day I became more and more fascinated and intrigued by spirituality. My obsession literally took me over, the only things on my mind were, what is truth and what is illusive? How can I be free from suffering and how can I be at peace? Day after day, I sat in meditation, just experiencing life. I absorbed every book I could get my hands on: Osho, Krishnamurthi, Atmananda and many more. I continually contemplated all the info that I gathered. But I must say that nothing really happened. There were no mystical experiences or great awakenings with light flashes. Maybe a few insights here and there, but nothing special.

But eventually I came to a point where indeed, somehow a profound realization took place. The precise day that it happened I can’t say, but in a very subtle way, something shifted. I simply realized that there is nothing that is supposed to happen at all. It became clear that the life that I have now was already precisely and absolutely as it is. Present life, the now was already complete and it didn’t lack anything. All desiring and craving to become more special or less ordinary stopped completely. There was simply present life, peace and utter relaxation. To be honest with you, that realization is much more ordinary and natural than you might think.

Let’s not go into further details about my life that are not really important. A more important question is, What I can do for you?

I simply love to share my passion about non-dual spirituality with you; that is what I can do for you. How I do this is through my eBook “The way to Clarity and Enlightenment”, which is completely free of charge. It gives you the very essence to come to that profound non-dual realization yourself. For further inquiry and deeper exploration, I offer satsang and personal guidance so that all will be absolutely clear for you. It is with clarity that there will be freedom from suffering and true inner peace.

Bless and Love,


In my free eBook I will reveal to you:

  • The Absolute non-dual Truth as your living reality, beyond every doubt. 

  • True Inner Peace and Sweet Relaxation as your very nature. 

  • How to completely dissolve all ego Identification.

  • Absolute freedom from suffering, fear and feelings of incompleteness.

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