Come to full Clarity and Attain Enlightenment

Personal satsang devoted to Clarity and Truth 

Would it not be amazing that with a bit more clarity and awareness, all ego identification and its suffering will end completely? Would it not be sweet to live with true peace and utter relaxation, no more stress and inner turmoil? 

IF you answered yes.

I can honestly say that it is possible.

It is possible for you to come to full clarity, so that enlightenment and true peace will happen. But how can this be done, that’s the question right?

I will reveal how to come to full clarity, but first this;

Like 99% of the spiritual Seekers you may have encountered the following challenges after years and years of seeking:

    • Is there still ego identification and its suffering, all its fear, guilt and loneliness that causes so much pain and frustration in your life.

    • Are you caught up in only an intellectual understanding and is that profound realization and true inner peace still missing? 

    • Do you still miss that clarity that keeps you from seeing the tricks and traps of ego FULLY? 

    • Do you go back and forth between understanding those teachings and being in complete doubt about your understanding?

Listen, and listen closely if you answered YES to those questions, this will be the most important message that you have ever read.  I also had to overcome these challenges.


It cost me years and years 

For many years all those questions and obstacles were my own experience.  Years and years I did everything you could imagine to attain this mystery called Spiritual Enlightenment. I was one of the heaviest Seeker out there. Literally obsessed with non-duality and enlightenment. I had talks with teachers, I meditated day after day, hour after hour. I immersed myself in the many non-dual teachings out there. I went from book to book, I read Eckhart Tolle, Ramesh Balsekar, Osho, Swami Dayananda and many more.

You name it, I read it. I literally read every book that I could get my hands on and if I wasn’t reading I watched a satsang on Youtube. Those days, every thought that went through my mind had something to do with non-duality, truth, peace or freedom from suffering. I was so hungry for freedom.

But nothing happened…..

There was still ego identification, suffering and no true inner peace. Sure, with all that reading, contemplating and meditation I had some insights and intellectual understanding. But to be honest with you, it felt that I was still the same guy. There was no great awakening nor transcending the profane, none of that. Nothing special happened to me at all.

Eventually I completely lost it, I wondered so many times “maybe Enlightenment or awakening is a myth and doesn’t exist at all”.

I really didn’t know what to do anymore, should I go to Rishikesh or Arunachula. Maybe I need one of those great Masters such as Nisargadatta or Ramana Maharshi and maybe then it will happen?

I felt lost and hopeless….

Until that one week in spring…. 

I think it was a Saturday, but I am not sure. What I do know, is that it was a beautiful week. Every morning the sun shining it’s ray’s upon my face and birds singing their song. Everything in that week was so mellow and sweet, I was utterly relaxed and there was no seeking at all. At some point it stroke me. It became crystal clear to me what it is that gives full clarity. The very thing that was revealed to me ended all ego identification and suffering completely. There was simply present life, the now not as a concept but pure experiencing, simply the beautiful blue sky, the sweet sound of birds singing their song and the warmth of the sun shining through those trees. It was at that moment that all pushing and pulling to become as those mind made up ideals stopped. It was there that I tasted true inner peace for the first time, because all inner turmoil was dissolved.

What I realized that week was so simple…..


True Clarity Revealed 

What was it that was revealed to me and made everything crystal clear? What is this mystery that is needed to come to full clarity? The mystery where you should be completely aware of is that what is fundamentally REAL and that what is totally FALSE.

The REAL is simply this utterly ordinary timeless present life. It is this present life that is the absolute non-dual truth itself. The false is a deep seated confused way of viewing life that you are identified with. It is a dual view, where you want life to be as the ideals you have on your mind. As long as you are unaware of the real and false, you will try to control a life that isn’t under your control.

Continually you will be hurt and frustrated because life doesn’t functioning according to your will. There is a constant fear and doubt whether things will be as you desire. I know out of experience that this way of living is a horrible way to live. It is truly a heavy burden to carry for all these years.

Only when you have the clarity that the real is the absolute truth and the nature of the false is illusive, will there be freedom. With clarity you are no longer pushing and fighting against life, because you see its futility. You no longer demand that life will be as you desire. You simply know that life has its own ways, always perfect and precisely as it is. It is with this clarity that the nature of life is seen for what it is.


It is not for everybody! 

However, if you are not fully devoted and sincere to come to full clarity and find out what is real and what is false, this isn’t for you. You have to understand it is not about getting more knowledge, a better spiritual identity or to heal your relationship. It is about clarity and more awareness. If it is indeed CLARITY what you seek, then satsang is for you. I know that if your heart is pure and you take the effort to inquire and sort things out, there will be clarity and enlightenment will be attained.


Now fair enoughyou may think why should I do a private Satsang with you Kensho?  

On the spiritual path you have your own personal hurdles that keep you away from clarity and enlightenment. Personal satsang is only about YOU and your problems. It is about your obstacles, misunderstandings and your clarity on the path. Whether it is about witnessing consciousness and non-duality, doubting if you have the understanding, identification or true peace, it doesn’t matter. Together we only focus on you. Through my simple teaching and personal satsang, that what is needed to come to full clarity and Enlightenment will be revealed to you. That I can guarantee.


How does satsang looks like? 

Satsang is a meeting that is solely dedicated to truth and clarity. It is an interactive dialogue between the seeker and a spiritual friend, a guide. Personal satsang is the ultimate invitation and opportunity. In our meeting we have an in-depth inquiry into that what holds you from truth and peace. Together we share and explore into your personal questions, misunderstandings and your understanding to come to true clarity.

  • What is it that holds you from true peace and happiness?

  • How to realize your true nature and dissolve that what keeps you away from it.

  • What is the root of your suffering and how can you be free from it.

  • How to dissolve the subject and object perspective and realize the non-dual truth.

Now I asked you earlier; would it not be wonderful to be free from ego identification and suffering? Would it not be sweet to taste unconditional inner peace and relaxation, no more inner turmoil and tribulation?

Are you ready for it?

This is a wonderful chance to come to clarity and true peace. I genuinely believe that it is yours to grab. Don’t go on hurting yourself, living with fear, loneliness and suffering for years to come.

Isn’t it time for liberation?

Believe me it is possible.

You have two options: 

  • Have a private satsang in real life. 

  • Have a private satsang through Skype.