Satsang is The Way!

“Spiritual Enlightenment is 100 % Real”

Spiritual enlightenment isn’t a myth or just a story. There actually does exist such a thing as true inner peace and salvation from suffering. Dissolving all ego-identification and realizing the absolute nondual truth is real. Now ask yourself do you really want it? Do you honestly want enlightenment? If you do then it is only clarity and awareness that you need. Nothing more, nothing less!


The way to clarity and awareness is SATSANG.

Satsang is a meeting with a spiritual master and fellow seekers for the sake of truth and clarity. It is an interactive dialogue between the master and seeker. It is where the transmission takes place and where divine seeds are planted in your heart. The master shares his wisdom and clarity, to make you fully aware of your true nature and your ego-illusions.

As a seeker you absorb the message and you ask the questions for further exploration and understanding. You can ask question about the whole spectrum of non-duality from ego-identification, suffering till how to realize the self. What is beautiful about satsang is that you can also enjoy the questions of fellow seekers. A lot of the time the questions of others are your questions too. This will deepen your own inquiry for clarity and enlightenment.

If you truly desire True Awakening, Inner Peace and Freedom from suffering I humbly invite you to come to Satsang:

When: sunday, May 28, 2017 

Time: 13:30 – 16:00 (door opens at 13:15)

Location: Karunika, Meerhuizenplein 11, 1078 TB Amsterdam

Entrance: Donation

(satsang in dutch)

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